The Warsaw Song & Dance Ensemble 'GAIK' was founded in 1980 by former dancers of students’ folk group of the Warsaw University of Technology and it became a commercial artistic group. Later, dancers from other students’ folk groups but also from the famous professional folk group Mazowsze became members of the group. Already in January 1981 the folk group GAIK went on a four – month tour to Japan. This country turned out to be the place the most often visited by the group. Its performances before an audience of thousands took place in many Japanese towns; for instance, at the occasion of EXPO in Tskuba, during Students’ Winter Sports Competition in Sapporo and the festival in Yubari but also for Japanese TV. The folk group GAIK was the guest of Japanese Parliament. The group had the honour of performing in Tokyo before the Emperor’s brother – the Prince Mikasa together with his wife and Muto Sanji, Member of Parliament. During frequent visits to Japan, members of the group taught Japanese folk dancers to dance Polish folk dances. 
A great deal of visits to Japan caused that in this country GAIK became very popular.

In total, GAIK performed abroad 23 times.  Apart from Japan, it is necessary to mention the following countries: USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, Libya but also the Finnish ferry (running from Helsinki to Stockholm).
In all mentioned countries GAIK was very warmly welcomed. Its success consists of very rich repertoire and highly professional dancers. Foreign tourists visiting Warsaw became an audience for GAIK’s repertoire in Warsaw and its vicinity. For them the Polish culture is strictly connected with the performance of the folk group GAIK. In 2005 the group performed about 240 concerts.

Among companies that cooperate with the group in Poland we can mention the following ones:
PBP “Orbis”
Mazurkas Travel
Furnel Travel
Globus USA
Fly Away
Firleje l.c.
CB International
Polish Travel “Quo Vadis”

The album with two CDs was recorded in 2004 by the group.

Andrzej Chlanda is the founder, the Director and the Aristic Manager of the group. Until 1997 Jozef Zaprzalkowski had been the key choreographer of the group. Wlodzimierz Ptaszek has become his successor and at presence he manages the group. 

Miroslaw Jakubowski and Andrzej Chlanda are composers and authors of all musical compositions of the group.

The Warsaw Song & Dance Ensemble 'GAIK' was celebrating its XXV anniversary in October 2005.